Nice Games IP

Expore our diverse portfolio of engaging and innovative games, including our expanding Nice games IP, each meticulously designed to offer unique experiences and foster vibrant communities.

Nice Games IP

Nice Farm

Welcome to Idle Nice Farm, a charming and captivating idle farming game where you’ll join a heartwarming family on their journey to turn a humble plot of land into a thriving agricultural empire! Harvest resources, craft new products, and expand your family’s farm in this delightful and easy-to-play game perfect for players of all ages.

Nice City

In this exciting idle game, you have the opportunity to build and manage your own city of restaurants. From fast food to fine dining, the choices are endless as you attract customers with a variety of delicious food options. As you progress, you will have the chance to upgrade your restaurants, hire staff, and manage inventory to keep your business running smoothly.

Nice Cream

Become an Ice Cream tycoon, build an empire, earn money, build a business, level up, make more money, and get rich in this idle tycoon simulator game where you can make money by investing!