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Hero Games is a passionate studio dedicated to serving its thriving community. Our mission is to craft immersive games that foster strong, interconnected communities around them.

Nice Games IP

Explore our diverse portfolio of engaging and innovative games, including our expanding Nice games IP, each meticulously designed to offer unique experiences and foster vibrant communities.

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We are looking for talent interested in creating something bigger ! You will join a dynamic startup where small teams can form around big ideas.

Open Positions

Feel free to think big and if you’re up to the challenge, come and join us !

Life at Hero Games

Entertain 60 Million People

We work with some of the well known mobile game publishers like Rollic Games and Voodoo. We entertain 10 million people by 2020. Working with us will enable you to create a hit game and reach millions of people!

Challenging and Educative

No rest for the wicked! Every week, each team develops one game. This will enable you to develop your skill set as developer/artist/designer. Improving our selfs as a team, will improve our results exponentially, as Hero Games.

Group Activities

We work hard but we don’t forget to have fun. We keep our team spirit alive, we organize events like watching a film in cinema, going to a theatre, bowling and Play Station tournaments after the working hours. It strengthens the bound between us.

Every Idea Matters

We share the same environment and culture. Every team member’s ideas are important. We are always open for criticism, which we believe improves our development.